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Conversion factors

Description From Unit To Units Multiply by
Centigrade to Fahrenheit °C °F multiply by 1.8 and add 32
Centimetres to feet cm ft 0.03280840
Centimetres to inches cm in 0.393701
Fahrenheit to Centigrade °F °C subtract 32 and multiply 0.5555
Feet to centimetres ft cm 30.48
Feet to metres ft m 0.3048
Feet to millimetres ft mm 304.8
Inches to centimetres in cm 2.540
Inches to metres in m 0.0254
Inches to millimetres in mm 25.4
Kilogram to pounds kg lb 2.205
Kilograms to tons (long) kg ton 0.0009842
Kilometres to miles km mile 0.62137
Metres to inches m in 39.37008
Metres to microns m µ 1 million
Metres to feet m ft 3.28084
Metres to yards m yd 1.093613
Microns to metres µ m 0.000001
Microns to millimetres µ mm 0.001
Miles to kilometre miles km 1.60934
Millimetres to feet mm ft 0.003280840
Millimetres to inches mm in 0.03937008
Millimetres to microns mm µ 1000
Pounds to grams lb gm 453.60
Pounds to kilograms lb kg 0.453593
Tons (long) to kilograms ton kg 1016.047
Tons (long) to metric tons (or tonne, 1000 kg) ton tonne 1.016047
Yards to metres yd m 0.9144